DC Dead Tape Exchange

About DC Dead

The DC Dead Tape Exchange is an informal collective of friends who have been swapping tapes, going to shows of all kinds throughout the world, and generally hanging out with each other since 1971. The actual Tape Exchange was formally created in April of 1975 when Stephen and Ramsay first met Larry and decided to merge their respective (and meager) tape collections, typed up a list and began trading with others.

Since that fateful decision to expand our trading horizon, our collection has grown from a handful of reel-to-reels and cassettes into something approaching 10,000 hours of live music which fills entire rooms of our homes.

More important than the music, which is, of course, awesome, are the multiple and lasting friendships that have evolved from this hobby over the years. In the digital and Internet age, when so much quality music is available for downloading with a minimum of human interaction, the folks at DC Dead Tape Exchange remain deeply grateful for each other as well as for all whom we got to know through the "wonderful world of tapes." Finally, our heartfelt thanks to what was, on many nights, one of the greatest rock ‘n roll band in the world – the Grateful Dead. There was, and never will be again, nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.



You can reach us c-o Steve Brown at this e-mail address