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Bake a Tape

Older reel-to-reel tapes can become gummy and stick to the tape heads and fixed guides of the tape transport, squealing, jerking, and, in extreme cases, slowing down or stopping the tape transport.
The good news is that the "sticky shed syndrome" resulting from water absorption by the short urethane molecule chains is almost always fixable. The process for repair is commonly know as "baking a tape".

The fix lasts about a month under normal storage conditions, and Ampex claims that a tape can be re-baked any number of times without ill

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bake2.jpg (25159 bytes) Complete instructions on curing sticky tape problems can be obtained by reading the article by Mike Rivers, How To Bake A Tape http:--www.josephson.com-bake_tape.html

Just  goes to show you can find ANYTHING on the web.

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