DC Dead Tape Exchange

D.C Dead Tape Exchange Ladies' Auxiliary

Dedicated to Arena Free Living

Tapers Bingo

Ever get caught with a group of tapeheads and have to listen to endless discussions of tapes and shows? To relieve the tedium the Ladies' Auxiliary presents "Taper's Bingo". When you hear the words or phrases, mark them off. Mark five across, up and down, or diagonal and you can shout "Aiko!"


Do the levels sound OK on this?

Now all we need is..(insert current sound technology: DAT, CD burner, whatever)

90 minutes

Got Dolby on it?

60 cycle hum? You can EQ it out.

It will be good trade bait.


Check in Dead Base

We have that, but we can't put it on the list.

Check in the Taper's Compendium

You spelled that wrong.


I was at that show. It was  GREAT.

I don't know WHERE I got that.

You saw Pig Pen?

I was at that show. It wasn't that great.

New Year's Eve

I can't seem to find my copy of...

Check the levels

I don't know WHY I got that. I think we have that You either know Duane Allman's on that or you don't deserve to have it.


Anybody got change for a Dark Star