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On the Road
Photos run chronologically and reference the shows that folks were on the way to, from, in-between, or at.

don't think about it

May 12, 1979     University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Larry, somewhere on the Massachusetts Turnpike

Photo By Marc Posner, DC Dead Archives (Marc was also driving. Don’t think about it.)

famous bus stop buffet

May 11, 1980   Portland Civic Center, Portland, Maine, The Famous Bus Stop Buffet

1-3 of Marc, Reggae, MJ, Terrapin, Karen, Peter F, Norma, tiny emily, Dan, Nina, Jo, Alice, & Kenny.

Photo By Larry Pryluck, DC Dead Archives

bagel brunch

October 25 & 26, 1980            Radio City Music Hall Shows           Bagel Brunch, Brooklyn

Larry & Phil

Photo By Marc Posner, DC Dead Archives

pete rowan

May 13, 1981          Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Larry looks at a booger while listening to Peter Rowan & the Wild Stallions.

Photo By Marc Posner, DC Dead Archives

group photo

April 17 & 18, 1982      Hartford Civic Center Shows

Marc, Diane, David, MJ, Peter F, Cheryl, Peter G, Nina, Kenny, Larry, Danny, Bob, Phil, Mike, Bob at the Pine Street Inn, Springfield, MA (and this is only half the crew for the Hartford shows).

Photo, DC Dead Archives

The sticker on Marc's forehead says "Organic."

April 9, 1983      Hampton Coliseum

Vicki, Peter G, Larry, Marc, & Peter H

Photo by The Amazing Bobby, DC Dead Archives

dead creek

April 13, 1983