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Photos of Friends

Who are these guys ?
On the Road
Photos run chronologically and reference the shows that folks were on the way to, from, in-between, or at.

Good Morning, Little School Girl

April 23, 1983         New Haven Coliseum           Photo Location: Yale University

Dramatis Person�: David, Peter, Kenny, Larry, & Winston

Photo By Marc Posner, DC Dead Archives

Their walls are made of cannonballs

October 8, 1983     Richmond Coliseum       Photo Location: Battlefield at Petersburg, VA

Larry & Marc

Photo, DC Dead Archives

December 12, 1983 Jerry at the Beacon Theatre

Marc, Peter H., Peter G.

Peter H. stole that bottle of Pepsi. That's "stole" as in "took without paying."

Photo: Marc Posner, DC Dead Archives

niagra falls

April 17, 1984     Niagara Falls Convention Center            Photo Location: Niagara Falls

Dramatis Person�: The Amazing Bobby & Peter H

It was very cold

Photo: Marc Posner, DC Dead Archives

October 12, 1984                 Augusta Civic Center
Photo Location: The Blue Church, Hollis Center, Maine

Peter G. and Marc

The boys are trying to remember the previous night’s show.

Photo: Melissa, DC Dead Archives